VanMoof aims to free commuters with the Tokyo-inspired Electrified X

The Amsterdam based bike-meets-tech company VanMoof is coming to Japan. The Electrified X is an e-bike specifically designed to overcome the commuter-challenges of Tokyo and will launch exclusively in Japan before any other market.

Rethinking the Mega City commute

Tsukin jigoku, the Japanese term for riding the Tokyo subway, translates literally as "commuter hell." Pure inspiration for VanMoof, that believes the ultimate bike is the key to the most effortless city A to B. The VanMoof Electrified X is the first of its kind, designed specifically with the Mega Cities of the world in mind. By rethinking the city cycling experience, VanMoof has invented a bike that removes all barriers to a two-wheeled commute.

Our goal with the VanMoof Electrified X was simple. Create a bike that can effortlessly clear the hurdles of Mega City commuting: from headwinds to hills, all the way down to bike thieves.

Ties Carlier, co-founder VanMoof.

Tokyo inspired

Tokyo commuters typically limit their use of bikes to very short distances. Thanks to its integrated smart technology, long-life battery and powerful motor, the Electrified X is about to transform this. The compact design of the Electrified X makes it perfect for crowded cities without compromising riding performance. The powerful motor propels riders across Tokyo up to 5 times on a single charge, thanks to the battery's 120 km range. Other smart features such as Keyless Lock and Anti-Theft features make the bike smart enough to hack modern urban life

In many ways, Tokyo leads the way as the world’s largest, most inspiring city, but it hasn't yet cracked the problem of extreme congestion. We believe that the ultimate city bike is Tokyo's new key to commuter bliss.

Ties Carlier, co-founder VanMoof.

The Electrified X is VanMoof's latest innovation to inspire the next billion to bike their city A to B.

Exclusively in Japan

VanMoof is now officially making their move in Japan and the Electrified X, which boosts rider's pedal power and features integrated smart technology. It will launch exclusively in Japan this May, before it goes global in 2018.

What makes it Mega City proof:

  • It’s Smart- The VanMoof smartphone app shows exactly where you left your bike, and includes built-in anti-theft tracking, making it the smartest bike on the market. Even better, it gets smarter over time with new features added through automatic updates.
  • It’s Superpowered- The integrated motor boosts pedal power to a maximum speed of 32 km/h. With a battery range up to 120 km.
  • It’s Keyless- Simply place your finger on the bike's touchscreen interface. The app will confirm it's you, allowing to touch-unlock within seconds.
  • Peace of Mind Included- If a VanMoof gets stolen, our Bike Hunters will track it down, and if we can't find it we'll replace it.
  • Built to last - The lights, lock, smart technology and battery are integrated within the frame not just to streamline, but to eliminate chances of damage. Weighing in at only 18kg, the Electrified X is one of the lightest electric bikes on the market.

We created a frame that could hold all our VanMoof technology, but would still be compact enough to throw over your shoulder and carry up a flight of stairs.

Ties Carlier, co-founder VanMoof.

Available first via pre-sale

The VanMoof Electrified X will be available exclusively in Japan as of May 2017. The pre-order will allow Japanese VanMoof fans to become the first to ride the Electrified X. Pre-order will start on Tuesday May 23 at 8 PM (GMT +9) via

The retail price of the VanMoof Electrified X will be 370.000 YEN.